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Weapon Maker
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Weapon Maker

Synopsis Weapon Maker

[By the studio that brought you Warrior High School – Dungeon Raid Department]
Shin Joonseoh is a D-rank support who was always treated as nothing more than a laborer because of his lack of mana, despite having awakened a rare “Creation” ability. Luckily enough, he was recruited by a new guild called the Dawon Guild who needed his ability, and set out on his first dungeon raid as a support. However, due to unexpected monsters, Shin Joonseoh found himself in life-threatening danger. Just as he was about to accept death, he received an unknown ability. “Succession” of memories. The past life in which he was unable to stop the end of the world. He had inherited his memories and experience. Now, Shin Joonseoh‘s adventures to save the world using his past life‘s memories begins.

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Author Seo Taerang
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