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Worthless Regression
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Worthless Regression

Synopsis Worthless Regression

An ordinary middle schooler, Lee Sungmin, is summoned to this world called ‘Eria’.
He endures for dozens of years with no talents or powers, and makes it through all kinds of hardships to survive, but dies miserably in the end.
However, before he dies, he regresses back to the past after obtaining the ‘Stone of the Past Life’ by chance, and gains the opportunity to start his life anew.
Yet, he still lives a life without any talents, having nothing. Although he can’t approach the geniuses around him due to the ‘wall’ surrounding them, as well as feeling inferior, he moves forward step by step with firm determination, never giving up. “No matter what, I’m going to live a better life than my previous one even if I have to struggle!”


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Chapter Worthless Regression