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Magic Academy’s Genius Blinker
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Magic Academy’s Genius Blinker

Synopsis Magic Academy’s Genius Blinker

[By the Studio that brought you {Murim Login}!}


The character with the highest difficulty and the worst performance, Baek Yuseol, was considered a trash character in-game because he could not use magic in a fantasy setting where everyone else could.




[Because the wrong ending has been reached, 90% of Aether World has been destroyed.] [Please reach the “True Ending.”] Suddenly, those words echoed in my mind before I was transmigrated to the Aether World.


[You can use the skill “Blink.”] “Just why did I possess this character?”


Blink was the only magic skill I had.


Surviving in Stella Academy among genius mages, I became the notorious Blink Mage.

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Author Eunmilhi
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