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Genius Martial Arts Trainer
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Genius Martial Arts Trainer

Synopsis Genius Martial Arts Trainer

[By the Studio that brought you <Surviving The Game as a Barbarian> and <The Player Hides His Past> and <Heavenly Grand Archive’s Young Master, and many more!>]
During the great pandemic, my gym went under. While desperately trying to make ends meet, I possessed a character in Murim. I was excited to see that I was in the Shaolin Temple, but what the hell? Everyone’s bodies are wrecked from working out the wrong way! How can I just sit back and watch when I used to be a personal trainer?! I’ll teach you the correct, modern exercise methods and heal you all with low-frequency treatment and infrared therapy using inner energy! X Days until the Shaolin Gym opens.



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Author Coul/ Krukru
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